The Dutch community of Montreal has been around for a while. 

We are proud of our Dutch community in Montreal and with this this website we hope to give you a better insight.

Perhaps you like to participate in a Sinterklaas afternoon with the children or join Caans, the Borrel Club or Nederlandstaligen in Montreal.

In addition we like to give you a list of Dutch professionals and businesses. We have also listed some websites that may be of interest to Dutch families.

If you are looking for a stroopwafel or simply like to stay in touch with the Dutch, we hope that this website will fill your needs.

If you have any questions, please click here to send us a message. 

Nederlanders in Montreal.

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Like to improve your Dutch?

Dutch professor available for private lessons.

Nederlanders in Montreal en omgeving

Elections European Parliament 2014

On 22 May 2014 elections for the European Parliament will be held.

Voters who live outside the Netherlands and who are no longer registered with a Dutch municipality are able to vote in the upcoming election for the European Parliament by registering with the municipality in The Hague as a voter abroad.

This registration process can be completed online.

Voters who temporarily live outside the Netherlands and are still registered with a Dutch municipality need to register with that municipality as a voter abroad. This is a different procedure than for those who are no longer registered at a Dutch municipality.

Information and forms for both registration procedures can be found on the following website.

Voters who do not have access to the internet or a printer may also contact their nearest consulate or embassy to obtain a registration form.

Sinterklaas photos 1 december 2013